How to Save Money This Summer

With thousands of holidaymakers preparing to head for sunnier climes or looking forward to a staycation, we’re urging drivers to plan ahead to avoid excess charges when using car rental firms at home or abroad.

Hiring a car can appear very reasonable with many signing up for a car rental company’s insurance policy without reading the small print. However, with various extras included it can often significantly increase the cost of a week-long car hire.

Rosanna Fogel, one of our policyholders, has suffered two car related incidents whilst on holiday with her family. Rosanna commented: “By having this policy in place it saved us the hassle of paying extortionate excess costs applied by the rental companies which can result in you being significantly out of pocket and indeed spoiling your holiday. We continue to use insurance4carhire and have also got our grown up children to become annual policyholders.”

Here are our top tips to make sure you’re not caught out this summer:

Pre-buy peace of mind

Buy your excess insurance before you travel. Excess waiver policies from the rental desk can run you up to over £15 a day, and might not cover damage to vulnerable areas such as the windscreen or undercarriage. So even if you pay for the cover and chip your windscreen, you’d still be liable to pay for the repair, often at over-inflated prices.

Compare, compare, compare!

Don’t just go with the first car hire price you see. There are plenty of sites out there that will help you get a great deal on the basic cost of hiring your car. You never know, you may even get a better car for your cash.

Take your own equipment

In the UK car hire companies charge around £13.99 per day for a sat-nav. That’s almost £100 for a 7 day rental! Alternatively you can pick one up on the high street for £60 or less, and you’ll get a lot more use out of it. Child car seats can cost from £10 a day to add to your rental. Supermarkets tend to have good offers on car seats which can work out cheaper.

Decline the paid upgrade

Special discounts might be offered to upgrade to a larger or ‘better’ car, especially in the United States. While you think you might be getting a great deal, it may be because the rental company don’t have your original car in stock. Politely decline the paid upgrade and you may well get a better car free of charge.

Fuel - Plan ahead

Always check what fuel policy your car rental company has. You can then plan your trip appropriately to avoid unsightly charges when you return the car. If you have to return the car full, make sure you know where the closest petrol station to the rental company is. If you’re returning empty, plan your journey ahead so you don’t pay for extra fuel that you’re not going to use.

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